April 19th, 2009

What Movie Am I Watching?

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MooT Clue-in-the-Dialogue: "Let's get this straight. You don't like? I don't like a lot of things. I don't like your men sittin' on the road bottling up this town. I don't like your men watching us, trying to catch us with our backs turned. And I don't like it when a friend of mine offers to help and 20 minutes later he's dead! And I don't like you, Burdette, because you set it up."

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Images From The Lost World No. 36

O. B. Hanson demonstrates a "top hat transmitter"
to be used by radio reporters in the field.

Hanson, NBC's chief engineer, dreamt up the rig, which consists of a microwave transmitter concealed in the silk hat, a battery pack in the "sporty" belt, and a "watch" containing a microphone that's right out of the Dick Tracy comic strips.

The rig was first used by reporter George Hicks during the Easter Promenade Broacast over the NBC Red Network on Sunday, April 12, 1936, in which Hicks interviewed celebrities about their impressions of New York City's Easter Parade.

(NBC photo, April 6, 1936.)

When Legends Hung No. 15

The Monkees (left to right: Davey Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Mickey
Dolenz) pose for photos with legendary San Francisco striptease artist
Carol Doda (San Francisco Examiner photo, November 21, 1968).

At the time, Doda was known as the prime purveyor of the "topless swim dance," a number she routinely did at SF's Condor Club. She also pioneered the "topless jerk."

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