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Monsters & the Unconscious Girls They Carry Around

Monster Arthur Franz trundles bundle Joanna Moore ...
from "Monster on the Campus" (1958).

Did you know that there's an entire web site devoted to movie monsters who covet females, cause them to swoon from shock at first sight, and who carry them around after they've fainted?

It's lovingly called In My Arms.

And, believe it or faint, In My Arms has a competitor for modern guys and gals harboring good, old-fashioned Me Tarzan, You Jane fantasies. That would be Giants and Girls.

(Cue Styx's "Too Much Time On My Hands.")

Apparently, "carrying women" is a fetish unto itself, as I discovered by following the "serious" links from the sites above.

BTW, Joanna Moore played the unconscious coed in the MooTMiniMovie above. Her real claim to fame was that she was married to Ryan O'Neal and is mom to both Griffin and Tatum.

Top, closeup of Joanna in the clutches of the monster;
bottom, free of paw-marks ... well, except for O'Neal's.

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